Wildflowers of WA app released for Apple devices

  • The Morcombe and Keighery eGuide to the Wildflowers of is now available for iphones and iPads, the culmination of more than 6 years of research, writing and development.
  • It is the most richly detailed and accurate field guide to Western Australia’s rich and unique wildflowers, with a depth of information that will be used by professionals as well enthusiasts and tourists.
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  • Popular features include personal “bucket list” of flowers the user wants to find, that can be ticked off, plus a favourites list.
  • The free version is full featured but does not show all flowers.
  • Upgrade for A$25 via the app’s menu to get almost 1000 wildflowers with more being add.
  • This is a big app sp please allow download time. Updates are quick as they only download changes.
  • This app work without internet or mobile connections as full data is stored on devices


Each flower has multiple screens with images and information including names, genus details, where the flower occurs and tips for seeing it. You can get a quick overview, or delve into detailed technical information suitable for professional use.

Quickly narrow your search for a particular flower according to categories of color, flower shape, leaf type and leaf/stem structure.

Most flowers have multiple full size images showing the flower and plant from different perspectives.

Flowers fitting your search criteria are listed as thumbnails: tap to go to full details.

The Authors


Michael Morcombe

Contributing Photographer

Michael Morcombe is one of Australia’s most widely read authors, who has brought enjoyment and learning to hundreds of thousands of people. For more than 40 years he has pioneered and popularised the discovery and appreciation Australia’s native animals, birds, plants and landscape.

His prolific output (nearly 50 titles) has helped raise awareness and shown generations how a little knowledge can enhance their enjoyment.

His brilliant, in-the-moment photography is immediately engaging to even the most casual eye, promising a rewarding journey. His field guides especially have been used by professional scientists, dedicated amateurs and to pique casual interest.


Gregory John Keighery

Lead Botanist

With over 500 professional publications to his credit including the field guide to weeds of Western Australia, Greg is one of the best known and most respected botanists in Australia.

He is currently Senior Principal Research Scientist in the Science and Conservation Division of the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

As a Botanist in the Biological Survey group he has participated in preparing regional conservation plans arising from wildlife surveys of most of Western Australia. His studies and publications have focused on cytology, conservation, ecology, breeding systems, pollination, phytogeography, and taxonomy of native and weedy plants of Western Australia, including naming over 60 new species.

Six species are named for Greg, recognizing his life-time work collecting more than 30,000 plant specimens held in the State’s Herbarium. This is the largest ever collection by an individual in WA.

Greg has been a member of the Wildflower Society of WA since the 1970s serving on numerous committees, was the inaugural President of the Perth Branch. He has worked with the Society Bushland Plant Survey program, a registered DBCA volunteer project, for more than 25 years.

Greg has a great interest in promoting our wonderful wildflowers. Over more than 40 years he has presented at 100s of scientific and public meetings and taken groups of local, national and international people to see our wildflowers.


Irene Morcombe


Irene Morcombe is a foundation member of the Armadale Branch (1961) of the West Australian Wildflower Society and has been a Life Member since June 2016. She has over the years held positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Programs Officer and Committee Member.

Her interest in wildflowers lead to her becoming a foundation member of the Bungendore Park Management Committee. She was on the committee for 33 years, many years as treasurer.

She has travelled to many areas of Australia with husband Michael, taking photos, keeping records of where photographs were taken and when, for books and apps.

Most of the work over the last few years has been working on wildflowers for the wildflower app.

In 1968/69 travelled around Australia for 13 months with three 3 small children, teaching them by correspondence lessons.


Bronwen Jean Keighery


With a life-long interest and passion for the wild places of Australia Bronwen has spent much of her life seeing and learning about Australia’s wildlife.

Wildflowers in WA with their huge variety, brilliant colours and bizarre shapes have been the focus of associated studies and actions to better know and conserve wildflowers in bushland. Bronwen likens our bushland flowers to fish on the Great Barrier Reef giving the same brilliant diverse and changing display on land.

Trained as a botanist, zoologist and teacher Bronwen has written widely on the state’s wildflowers. This work includes 100s of technical reports on plants in bushland as well as a number of ‘get to know and how to’ packages and books for children through to adults. Our Wild Plants, a package for primary schools’ was distributed to all primary schools in WA.

As lead botanist for the Environmental Protection Authority for 15 years Bronwen was a key participant in developing native vegetation as a key factor in environmental impact assessment. In this same role Bronwen was critical to the development of the most recent conservation plan for Perth’s Swan Coastal Plain. Bronwen is a world expert in native plant research and conservation of the Swan Coastal Plain’s native vegetation.

A member of the Wildflower Society of WA for more than 35 years her focus has been on educational and conservation projects including a continuing 30 year program on Bushland Plant Survey. The book written by Bronwen for the Survey program is the Society’s best selling publication and is used by the community, government and industry as a guide to surveying wildflowers in bushland.

At just 10 years old Bronwen took her first guided wildflower walk in her school’s bushland and has since led walks, presented talks and trained 100s of people in and about WA’s bushland, wildflowers and conservation.

When teaching plant identification Bronwen stresses that once you know the names of some wildflowers you will be among friends whenever you visit WA’s wild places.

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